Halloweddings Ceremony

What I Did:

I went the low-budget route and got married in my in-laws' living room. We had their finished basement set up for the reception/party (described in the Reception area), and had a simple ceremony upstairs. The only decorations were a harvest-themed folding screen which we used as a backdrop, and a floor candelabra shaped like a spiderweb.

Other Suggestions:

  • Just about any locale is spookier at night. An evening wedding also gives you an excuse to go more formal with decor and attire, if you like.

  • Have the wedding and/or reception in an historic mansion. They can feel "spooky" while still being formal and elegant.

  • Get married in an old stone church lit with candles in hurricane globes.

  • A roaring fire can add a lot of atmosphere. If the weather permits, use the fire as your main source of light, and use candles or discreet electric lights around the rest of the room.

  • If you choose an outdoor location such as a park, make sure to remind your guests to bring a jacket.

  • Looking for a Vegas wedding? Several chapels in Las Vegas offer "Halloween" packages. See the Links page for Websites.

  • There are several "infamous" locations (such as the house where Lizzie Borden's parents were murdered) which are open to the public or have even been converted to inns. If you live near one, this might be an unusual choice for a venue.

  • If you've got your choice of churches, look for Gothic architecture with lots of stonework and big, looming decorative features.
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