Halloweddings Details

What I Did:

In keeping with the casual atmosphere of the wedding, I didn't have a professional photographer. The guests were all provided with disposable cameras, and encouraged to take pictures to their hearts' content. They left the cameras in a bin on their way out, and we had them developed later. The pictures were more spontaneous and fun than "composed" shots, and we got many more of them than a single photographer could have provided.

Additionally, one of the guests was an amateur photographer, and she brought her "good" camera. She put together a scrapbook of the best shots as a gift to us.

We also offered a "photo op" for the guests, and gave them Polaroids as favors. See the Favors page for details.

We had one formal portrait done later, in an old graveyard. By sheer luck, I found a photographer whose studio was right across the street from one of the oldest graveyards in the U.S. (in Alexandria, VA). We scooted across the street in full costume, and he did some lovely black-and-white portraits amongst the gravestones. You can see two poses here and here.

Other Suggestions:

  • If there are interesting historical buildings nearby (or if your wedding location is historic), make sure to get pictures there. Marble columns, elaborate carved fireplaces, dramatic stairways, and the like can frame your wedding photos to great effect.

  • Have some of your wedding pictures taken on black-and-white film. Black-and-white can add drama and depth to photos, as well as evoking a rather "noir" feel.
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