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Site Description Category Added
4 Halloween CoffinsThey sell several sizes of cardboard coffins, including small ones suitable as envelopes.Invitations06/14/2005
1001 FontsHeaps of freeware, shareware, and commercial fonts. See their Holiday, Horror, Grunge, and Warped categories.Invitations06/24/2003
About: Costumes to MakeSuggestions for costumes and accessories.Costume08/21/2003
About: Halloween CocktailsRecipes for cocktails such as "Corpse Reviver" and "Voodoo Queen."Menu03/11/2008
About: Pagan and Wiccan HandfastingsLinks to several sites dealing with handfasting ceremonies and traditions.Ceremony06/24/2003
All-4-Free Fonts: Spooky FontsFreeware and shareware Halloween fonts, as well as lots of non-spooky fonts.Invitations06/24/2003
Allcrafts: Wedding CraftsDo-it-yourself instructions for lots of wedding projects.Resources06/24/2003
Anatomical Chart CompanyFantastic source for plastic skulls and bones (including full skeletons) plus lots of other anatomical-related items (including chocolate brains).Decor03/26/2005
Archie McPheeAs they so eloquently put it, "The definitive source for rubber chickens, cheap imported trinkets, weird overstocks, and other disgusting, hilarious, or fascinating novelties." Fun source for favors and decorations.Decor07/02/2004
Beer LiquorsOnline liquor merchant who carries Black Death Vodka, Blavod (black vodka), and otherMenu04/23/2004
Best Halloween Wedding MusicSquidoo lens full of music suggestions.Music09/11/2013
bluelips.comLots of interesting novelties and death-themed items.Details04/04/2006
Blue Moon CandlesOffers a gothic line of tapers and votives.Details02/16/2010
Bonny Doon VineyardA winery with a sense of humor, offering wines such as "Heart of Darkness" and "Cardinal Zin."Menu03/26/2005
Buried Alive Clothing Co.Goth clothing and accessories.Costume09/01/2004
Cake CentralEnormous gallery of cake ideas. Requires a free registration to view full-size photos.Menu10/03/2007
Classic SparkleCustom invitations, including several unique Halloween examples.Invitations11/25/2005
Coffin GemsLovely jewelry--earrings, pendants, rings, cufflinks, and more--with stones cut in the shape of a toe-pincher coffin.Costume03/16/2007
Coffin PlansInstructions for making a "toe pincher" coffin. Use as a prop or make a simpler version out of plywood, line it with plastic, fill it with ice, and chill sodas and beer in it.Decor01/16/2004
Colonial CandlesBlack taper candles, plus a line of Halloween-themed candles.Decor06/03/2008
DafontLots of gothic fonts and dingbats.Invitations10/07/2005
Dark CandlesHandmade candles with scents like "Dracula," "Crypt Moss," and "Harvest." Their votives would make nice favors, too.Decor06/24/2003
Dark Side DisplaysParty accessories, crafts, and costumes.Decor11/25/2003
Dark Side of the NetThe comprehensive list of dark links. Wonderful resource for all things spooky.Resources06/24/2003
Digital BartenderMixed drink recipes. Search for Halloween-themed words like "ghost," "dragon," etc. to find thematic drink recipes.Menu01/16/2004
Epicurious Drink RecipesSearch for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic party drinks. Cider, punch, mixed drinks, and more.Menu01/16/2004
Eyescream JewelryGothic, Victorian, and Renaissance jewelry and accessories. Beautiful stuff.Costume06/24/2003
FauxWaxPlastic envelope seals that look like sealing wax.Invitations06/24/2003
FontensteinComprehensive site of freeware and shareware Halloween fonts.Invitations06/24/2003
Freed's BakeryLas Vegas bakery with several themed wedding cakes available. Even if you aren't local, you might use them for inspiration.Menu03/11/2008
Galco's Soda Pop StopUnique soda pop flavors such as Black Lemonade and Brain Wash, complete with skull-and-crossbones labels.Menu04/26/2006
Glass Cake TopsHand-blown glass cake toppers, including skeletons, fairies, and merpeople.Details09/09/2005
Gorey DetailsEdward Gorey-themed jewelry and accessories.Details08/15/2008
Goth Beauty MagazineGoth fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips.Resources11/26/2004
Gothic FashionLots of links for fashion resources.Costume07/07/2008
Gothic LimosA limousine rental service featuring vintage funeral coaches in Las Vegas, Nevada and Southern California. Also offers spooky wedding planning services.Details10/22/2005
Gothic Martha StewartMarvelous resource for Gothic ideas and projects. Includes a section on Gothic weddings. Excellent site.Resources06/24/2003
Gothic PortalA deep and varied portal about the gothic culture, fashion, music, dating, decor, miscellany, and even dark tourism, all by one enthusiast of the dark and morbid culture.Resources12/16/2007
Gothic StampsReal postage stamps with great Goth images on them.Invitations04/26/2007
Gothic WeddingsOrlando, FL venue for goth and spooky weddings.Locale09/05/2007
Gothic WeddingsYet another Las Vegas chapel offering themed wedding packages.Locale06/24/2003
Hallowedding: Party InvitationInstructions from Better Homes and Gardens for making simple invitations.Invitations03/11/2008
Halloween Make-Up, Bridal Cosmetics and BeyondMakeup suggestions and links.Resources03/31/2014
HandfastingsSample text for handfastings.Ceremony06/24/2003
HandfastingSuggestions for handfasting ceremonies.Ceremony07/07/2008
Haunted Paper ToysPrintable patterns and instructions for making a variety of paper objects, including coffin gift boxes.Details09/16/2004
Homemade Halloween CostumesYahoo's directory of sites devoted to homemade costumes.Costume07/07/2008
Horror-Wood: Halloween WeddingMagazine article describing a Halloween wedding.Personal06/24/2003
Horror FontsLarge selection of fonts.Invitations07/07/2008
Howloween Queen's InvitationsSome unique ideas for hand-made invitations.Invitations10/07/2005
IlluminationsCandles and other seasonal decor, in a variety of price ranges.Decor08/21/2007
In Dark DecorumGoth clothing, jewelry, and accessories. A bit on the pricey side, but very attractive.Costume11/26/2004
Invitations by DawnSeveral tasteful invitations with Halloween or Autumn themes.Invitations03/11/2008
Jeannie NitroGoth fashion, including a large selection of bridalwear.Costume06/24/2003
Jenna and Mark's Wedding InformationMy own "informational" Website, whose URL was distributed to invitees.Personal06/24/2003
Jones SodaOrder soda in one of several flavors and have a custom photo put on the label.Menu02/26/2005
LetterSealsSealing wax that's supposed to withstand being mailed without cracking.Invitations06/24/2003
Lilac TwistGothic and Alternative handmade greeting cards.Invitations04/05/2006
Living Dead DollsScary collectible dolls which come in a coffin, complete with death certificate. An interesting favor idea.Details03/24/2005
Luke and Lisa's Halloween WeddingPersonal site describing a Halloween wedding. Lots of pictures.Personal06/24/2003
Marilyn's Creative Inspirations: Halloween Wedding InvitationBrief instructions and photo of a unique invitation.Invitations03/11/2008
Marty MagicCreates unique silver jewelry, including bats, skulls, gothic accessories, and UFO's.Costume06/24/2003
Medieval-Weddings.netLots of information about "real" Medieval weddings.Motifs06/25/2003
Medieval and Gothic Home DécorA nice how-to site on adding medieval touches to a room.Decor07/02/2005
Medieval and Renaissance Wedding PageComprehensive site on Medieval and Renaissance weddings.Motifs06/24/2003
Mexican Sugar SkullsIn addition to sugar skulls and molds, they also sell a range of skeleton cake toppers.Menu07/15/2005
Midnight SyndicateSpecializes in moody, gothic instrumental music. Their CDs are often used as soundtracks for haunted houses, but they would also be appropriate as background music for a Hallowedding.Music07/09/2004
Murielle WineryOffers a custom "autumn wreath" wine label for weddings.Details06/24/2003
Museum of Funeral CustomsTheir gift shop offers several thematic items that might make nice gifts.Details03/25/2005
National Museum of Funeral HistoryTheir gift shop offers themed items such as casket earrings, coffin pens, and small items that might make nice bridesmaid/groomsman gifts.Details06/24/2003
NecromanceDecorative oddities.Decor04/29/2004
Offbeat BrideResources for the alternative bride.Resources10/23/2007
Old Fashion HalloweenVintage-look Halloween cards and stationery.Invitations06/24/2003
Oriental Trading CompanyFantastic source for inexpensive decorations, party favors, and silly Halloween items.Decor06/24/2003
Primitive Designs Halloween Stencil SetsAttractive old-fashioned designs for stenciling boxes, walls, or other items.Decor06/24/2003
Pumpkin Nook: The WeddingA pumpkin-themed wedding. Some good ideas for harvest themes.Personal06/24/2003
Purple FairyGothic and Alternative Handmade Wedding Invitations.Invitations04/05/2006
Pushin Daisies"Mortuary novelty shop." Great stuff, from lovely coffin jewelry to dark CDs and themed chocolates.Details05/14/2004
Raven Eve JewelryEthereal goth jewelry.Costume09/29/2005
Renaissance-Weddings.netLots of information about Renaissance weddings.Motifs06/25/2003
Renaissance and Medieval WeddingsSuggestions for a themed wedding.Motifs10/28/2009
Royal Steamline"Wedding invitations from a time that never was." Lovely vintage-look invitations with a gothic twist.Invitations10/28/2009
Science Fiction WeddingsArticle from Mental_Floss about Star Trek/Star Wars weddings, including a link to a Klingon wedding guide.Motifs08/21/2007
Shadow ManorGifts and accessories for the Goth bride.Details04/26/2006
Slippy Hollow's Wedding PagePersonal site describing a Halloween wedding. Lots of pictures.Personal09/09/2005
Specialty FontsLots of spooky fonts.Invitations11/25/2003
SpeleobooksMore bat-related gifts, jewelry, toys, and ornaments than you can shake a stake at.Decor09/09/2005
Spooky BoutiqueSpooky clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and more.Costume06/24/2003
Stamp ExpressionsPersonalize stamps with an uploaded photo.Invitations08/12/2009
stamps.comAllows you to upload an image of your choice and print customized postage stamps.Invitations09/20/2004
Star Trek: The Experience WeddingsYou can get married, in appropriate costume, in a Star Trek milieu in Las Vegas.Locale09/30/2005
The Chocolate VaultMolded chocolate suckers and novelties in Halloween shapes. Nice as favors or as reception nibbles.Menu06/24/2003
The Gothic Fashion ResourceInformation about many areas of clothing and makeup which may be of interest to Halloween brides.Costume12/30/2010
The Hand Blown Glass Co.Custom hand blown glass skeletons, "Grateful Dead" wedding cake tops, glass pumpkin wedding favors and pumpkin figurines for Halloween.Details06/24/2003
The Knot: Unique WeddingsSeveral articles detailing personal themed weddings (not all are Halloween).Personal06/24/2003
The Las Vegas Halloween WeddingLas Vegas chapel offers a themed Halloween wedding package.Locale06/24/2003
ThemeWorld: Font EmpireGothic/Horror and Medieval categories.Invitations06/24/2003
The WebTenderMixed drink recipes and bartending guide. You can use their search feature to find lots of spookily-named drinks like "Spider's Web" and "Neon Ghost."Menu01/16/2004
Three-D Spirits, Inc.Manufacturers of REDRUM, Jolly Roger Caribbean Rum, and Voodoo Spiced Rum.Menu04/23/2004
Tiny TidingsUnique cards (invitations, thank-you cards, etc.) for Autumn, Fall, Halloween and Gothic weddings.Invitations07/16/2004
Treasures Wedding StationeryHandmade wedding invitations, including some specialty goth stuff.Invitations10/20/2009
Underground HumorThemed novelties, some of which might make nice favors (such as coffin-shaped soaps and chocolate caskets).Details06/24/2003
Universal Life ChurchBecome a legally ordained minister online, for free. Useful if you'd like a friend or relative to perform your ceremony.Ceremony08/21/2003
Vampire WineTransylvanian wine with great gothic labels. Look for it at local wine shops, or mail-order it here.Menu01/16/2004
Victorian HalloweenVictorian Halloween traditions, including parlor games and costume ideas.Resources03/11/2008
Viva Las Vegas Wedding ChapelChapel offering several themed packages, including "Dracula's Tomb," "Camelot," and "Intergalactic."Locale06/24/2003
Wanted FontsLots of unusual fonts. See their Gothic, Holiday, and Horror categories.Invitations06/24/2003
WebFontListVery large site. Check out their Alien, Creepy, and Gothic categories for Halloween-type fonts.Invitations06/24/2003
Wedding Gazette: Renaissance WeddingsTheme ideas for Renaissance weddings.Motifs06/25/2003
When Gothic Eyes Are MopingSuggestions for gothic eye makeup.Costume04/23/2004
World of Horror: FontsSmall selection of spooky fonts.Invitations06/24/2003
XtraXGoth clothing and accessories.Costume07/09/2004

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