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Motifs: Fairy

Attire - Women
Your wedding is your big chance to make your fairy tales come true. Use Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Queen Titania for inspiration. A gown of soft, delicate fabrics like lace, tulle, silk, or satin is great for this look, as are elements of historical styles such as brocades or beadwork. The gown doesn't have to be white, although you might incorporate some white as an accent to darker colors. Layer lace or tulle over contrasting colors of satin, use velvet for trim, and add ribbons for a dreamy, sweet look. (The movie, The Princess Bride has some wonderful fairy-tale costumes.)

Attire - Men
First, assure your groom that he doesn't have to wear tights. Think "highwayman" rather than "Prince Charming," and consider a ruffled poet shirt, slim trousers tucked into tall boots, and maybe a velvet cape to top it off.

A "MIdsummer Night's Dream" outdoor theme would be wonderful. A flowering glade, rose garden, or even an outdoor terrace with a pretty natural view are great. Alternately, look for buildings that call fairy tales to mind--an imposing manor house, a stone cottage, or an old church.

Light your reception with candles and lots of tiny white lights. Drape swags of tulle on the walls and tables. Trail ivy along the tables (if you're using real ivy, make sure it won't get into the food; many species are mildly toxic) and accent with fresh flowers.

A leatherbound book with parchment pages would be perfect as a guest book. If you or a friend can do calligraphy, make the first page look like the last page of a storybook, complete with "And They Lived Happily Ever After."

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