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Motifs: Edward Gorey

Attire - Women
Gorey's drawings often depict fashions of the early part of the 20th century. Women are frequently dressed in long, slim, elegant styles such as those of the 1910s and 1920s. Vintage gowns in black, white, grey, or silver (or combinations of these colors) would be evocative of Gorey's ladies. Refined fabrics like a drapey silk or sleek satins, especially with delicate overlays of lace or netting seem perfect for a Gorey-esqy bridal gown.

Stylish accents such as beaded necklines, large ostrich-feather-dripping hats, opera gloves, and T-strap shoes complete the look.

Attire - Men
Gorey's men are all very British, usually depicted wearing some kind of somber suit. They can be businesslike in three-piece suits with starched collars and bowler hats, or elegant in white tie and tails. All are in classic black, accented with white.

Buildings built in the first decades of the last century might have the right kind of elegant architecture. Look for swanky rooms filled with antiques and highly polished marble floors, or go the other direction with something stark, minimalist, and strikingly modern.

For centerpieces, make paper cutouts of Gorey characters and add votives and ivy twined around. Place papier-mache bats and gargoyles in the center of black-and-white bow decorations. Use a restrained palette of black, white, and grey, with a touch of deep red (such as roses) for an accent. Use a Gorey font (such as "Ogdred Weary") for printed items like invitations and place cards.

Make sure to have some of the wedding photos taken in black and white.

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