Halloweddings Resources


  • Bride's dress patterns by Simplicity, #8619 and #8502. Their site contains only a sample of their entire catalogue, and their patterns change from season to season. Your best bet is to visit your local fabric store and look through their pattern catalogues.

  • Spiderweb nylons are available from a number of hosiery outlets on the Web, including Hauntshop. Check out other styles, too, such as skulls.

  • Victorian-type "granny" shoes can be prohibitively expensive, but I found some nice ones in the Roaman's catalogue for about $50.

  • I found my necklace on e-Bay, but the seller has a site: Victorian Charm Jewelry. They have numerous lovely goth and Victorian pieces.

  • I found my earrings on e-Bay, from "crazycatgifts" who sells a wide variety of jewelry.

  • I got the pattern for most of the groom's costume from Richard the Thread; I used Late Victorian pattern LV603. If you don't have fairly advanced sewing skills, you might find their patterns hard to follow (I did).

  • I obtained the embossed-glass spider buttons used on the groom's coat from "The Attic" on e-Bay who often has them for sale. You might also be able to find them from other sources, by searching for "Czech glass buttons."

  • Groom's shirt pattern by Simplicity, #8615.

  • Matron of Honor's dress pattern by Simplicity, #8923.

  • The matron of Honor's beaded spiders were hand-made by my friend Marilee Layman, a talented beader. Until recently she had directions for making the spiders posted online, but her site is now defunct; you can find instructions for making similar spiders on the About.com site. She also does commission work, and you can check out her beading business at Basic Bali.

  • I got the Officiant's wristwatch from the National Museum of Funeral History's online gift shop. They have lots of other nice themed jewelry and accessories, too.

  • Flower Girl's dress pattern by Simplicity, #8830.

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